number (n)ine

It's sooo funny. Ryan is always talking about how unexpected it is that you'll be talking about something one day, and soon enough, you see it on a blog or something.

Well, I came across the Tokyo retail space one day when I was looking through a book and fell in love with the space and designer.

But I could not for the life of me find any information on the Tokyo location (and I can't remember the designer's name.. sorry!).

Then all of a sudden... men's style has a clip of Tim Blanks going to Number (N)ine~!

"Oh life, you're just so hilarious! Hahahhaah..... haha... ha............................ha."

(ok, I'm done.)

number (n)ine is a high end fashion label by fashion designer Takahiro Miyashita. number nine in Tokyo is located in the trendy part of town called Shibuya-ku. It's one of my favorite retail spaces right now.It's so different from the usual high end retail stores (even the ones that have a similar style to number nine). In the clip, Tim Blanks says that inspiration lies in rock and western themes. But there also seems to be a feeling of what I can only describe as dilapidated/creepy chic!