If you've never heard of Travis, OMG go right now to HMV to buy all their albums!!!!

Travis played at Koolhaas tonight and it was AMAZING! NO EXAGGERATION!


Man, I thought they were good on their 12 Memories tour, this was out of this world...

They came out from the back of the venue through the crowd onto the stage to Rocky music, dressed in robes while roadies were shinning spots lights on them from the stage... Andy jumps into the crowd and starts doing his solo on the ground!... Everyone's yelling "KLAUS KLAUS KLAUS!".... Fran's jumping everwhere!!!... Dougies shaking his groove thang... Neil's rocking the drums!.... They sing Flowers In The Window surrounding Fran, Fran on guitar, the rest behind him as back ups, arms over each others shoulders swanging from side to side and singing "LALALALA"... and everyone's doing the POGO dance, just jumping up and down!

And it's Fran's birthday on Monday! Happy Birthday Fran!
So bloody hot... Thank you Mother Fran!

I'm in bliss...