H&M- Queen St.

427-429 Queen Street West

I love this shot

The DJ while we were there... surprisingly good!

First Floor

check out the linear ceiling element... repeated in the second floor.

First Floor- coloured mannequins

First Floor- screen divisions

Grand Staircase

"If I had orange legs, I'd wear those."- Lynn.

" Bloody man! get outta my shot!"

Second Floor- men's section.

ooooOOOo.... Black mannequins.

Second Floor- cash desk

Second Floor- look how nicely everything is merchandised!

compare that to other H&M's...

Second Floor- aih! there's that repeated element!

So one of the biggest openings this summer (right 2nd to the Crystal opening.. jkjk!), is the opening of the H&M on Queen St. The store finally opened it's doors last Thursday, and me and lynn were there to catch all the good stuff (except for the 20% for the first 150 customers... grr).
The first floor is designated for more casualwear, highlighted by more coloured clothing and coloured mannequins, while the second floor is designated for more formal/dressier clothing and carries palette of black and greys throughout in the clothes and in the black mannequins. The two floors are connected via a grand staircase on the lefthand side of the store when entering that is screened by a 2 floor display feature.

The space is designed by Yvonne Ho and Jenny Lee of Fullscape + Partners Inc.

Personally I think this the most well designed H&M location yet.

BUT BEWARE.... this store makes you spend spend spend!!!
I fell into the trap... Lynn couldn't save me... actually come to think of it, she kinda pushed me in! grrr... oh well,