LARGEST building in the world

Foster and Architects will build the world's largest building in Moscow... CRYSTAL ISLAND

here's some spec's:

1496 Crystal City Facts and Figures:

Project Area:

Total Gross External Area (Above Ground): 1,100,000 m2
Site area: 440,000 m2


Public 360deg Top Observation Deck (at 300m level): 3000 m2 gross external area

Public 360deg Main Observation Deck (150m ): 6000 m2

Serviced apartments – approx. 900 units (80m to 140m): 265,000 m2

Hotel – approx. 3000 keys (12m to 80m ): 245,000 m2

Offices (40m to 80m ): 75,000 m2

Retail, Catering, Entertainment (0m to 40m ): 160,000 m2

Museum and IMAX (0m to 40m ); 100,000 m2

Theatres – 1500, 750, 750 seats (0m to 40m): 95,000 m2

School – 500 students (0m to 40m): 4000 m2

Covered Public Space: 150,000 m2

Sub-Total Above Ground: 1,100,000 m2

Sub-Total Above 150m: 3,000 m2

Underground Parking – approx. 14,000 spaces: 525,000 m2

Utilities and services: 875,000 m2

Sub-Total Below Ground: 1,400,000 m2

Total: 2,503,000 m2


Top of structure: 450m
Top Viewing Platform: 300m
Main Viewing Platform: 150m
Perimeter building height: 20m

Floor to floor heights (above ground): 4m
Floor to floor height retail: 6m
Floor to floor height parking: 4m